Tuesday, January 19, 2010

War Department, 2/10/1944

*I believe this letter was composed shortly after my father was activated. At this time, I believe he is still in basic training.

Dear Mrs. Graham,

This Chaplain had quite a talk with your son, Pvt. Sam T Graham of the 6th Quartermaster Training Regiment, last evening.

Your son seems to enjoy Army life and he has the making of a real soldier. He is getting along just fine and he told the Chaplain that he was going to be regular in his attendance of the Chapel services which are provided for the men in the Army.

Like all young men who enter the Army, Pvt. Graham loves his home and his parents very much and because of this he is determined to live a life while in the Army that be an honor and credit to those whom he loves.

If at any time this Chaplain can be of service to you while your son is in the 6th Regiment, please feel free to call upon him.

Sincerely yours,

Oscar T. Smith

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