Thursday, January 14, 2010

3 o’clock Tuesday Afternoon Sept. 12, 1944

My dearest Sambo,

Was really glad to get your letter this morning – and I bet you are eating plenty. Sorry about your feet (*1) but maybe they’ll soon be in good shape again. I hope you aren’t griping and complaining too much. You are a good soldier I know and I believe you are really trying to do good at whatever you are put to doing. That’s right son.

It hasn’t rained today so there are not many people in town like it was yesterday. Mrs. Young stayed home this morning and I went to the store when your dad did. She came at twelve and I checked out soon as the factory girls (*2) and school kids cleared out. We really had a mob – and its hard work to wait on all of them. These little kids ought to eat in the lunchroom where a good warm meal will do them some good instead of all cold drinks.

Your dad told me yesterday that the new school supt. came to the store when he got your letter and wanted to know what you were interested in studying and just a lot of things and he told the man he didn’t know. So that is why his letter was not satisfying to you. I didn’t know a thing about this until yesterday so I guess there is nothing I can do about it. Can you take any of the courses there and would you have an instructor?

Maybe the war will be over pretty soon (*3) – we are hoping it will any way. Have you met any Miss. Boys and are you with any Camp Lee buddies. Did you get the package I sent and what all have you been doing. Write every day.

Lots of love


*1: Until his death, dad complained how the army ruined his feet. I remember how fervently dad insisted I not join the Armed Forces, with the only explanation that "They will ruin your feet. And then what?" More on feet later...

*2: Hellloooo Rosie! All the day long,
Whether rain or shine
She’s a part of the assembly line.
She’s making history,
Working for victory
Rosie the Riveter

Redd Evans and John Jacob Loeb -1942

*3: not so much. Victory over Europe doesn't happen for another 238 days, and Victory over Japan another 337 days.

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  1. Sam, these are so lovely. Thanks for sharing with the world. I put a post referencing your blog up on my site.