Friday, August 27, 2010


2 oclock Thursday Sept. 14, 1944

My dearest Sambo,

Got two letters from you today and was just awfully glad to hear from but I’m so worried about your feet.
We haven’t heard from Pete in several days – Hope he is okay – just too busy to write everyday.
It was pretty quiet up town this morning so I’m staying home to write and rest a little. The weather is fine so everybody is in the field – picking cotton I hope.
There just isn’t any news that I can write – I’m mailing you the Messenger
(*1) so be sure to read all of it. And Helen told me yesterday that she had written you everything. Bobbye said she was writing to you so maybe you’ll know all about Okolona.
Why did your feet get so bad (*2) and do you have to be on them much with night firing? And is that worse than driving and how come you quit driving. How is the war and is it nearly over? Or do you hear any reports?
I still listen to them when I am at the house so it looks like Germany is in a pinch.
Lots of people have asked about you and Pete today.

There isn’t anything to write from here so be good and write every day. Hope you enjoyed the cake, and what about the caps I asked you to mail to Pete? Let me know.

Lots love

*1: Okolona Messenger, town newspaper
*2: To the day he died, Dad's feet were a constant source of agigtation. He told me that his feet were ruined in the Army becuase of an incorrect boot size. In the TV show Band of Brothers, there is a great quote by a soldier in regard to his shoe size, "size 9...just like everybody else!"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Dear Mother and Dad,

I am sorry I can’t keep writing you every day but when I get off from work I am so tired I hardly feel like writing. It is really hot here and the dust is really awful here and is about to get the best of me. The last few days I have felt the worst in my life. Every time I get excite my self I get so dizzy I nearly fall and can hardly breathe. But don’t worry I will be OK. I am trying to get a rating (promotion to Private First Class) and I so I will get more money.

I had the same job drove a major around camp and drove thirty miles. I drove for the 2nd Battalion HQ and I like my job swell. Sat around most all the morning and read a few magazines and listen to a radio. The war news sounds good and I hope it won’t be long before the war is over (*1).



*1: 277 days until VE day, 376 days until VJ day.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Dear Mother and Dad,

I am still here and have the slightest idea when I will ship. They have all ready started on some of the men that came in with me so I won’t be long now so pray for me because I am living in hell until I get out of the Army. If nothing happens I will call before I ship. Will call emergency and don’t get excited when I call and be ready to talk a long time. I won’t be able to send any money this month. I will ship before the month and so will send money next month.

I had a hard day today and long hours. I drove all day and I am really tired and my feet are not much better.

We really had a dust storm today and the dust is really bad on the eyes. Dust was so bad wouldn’t see hand in front of face and really hard driving in it.

They was really a big bunch shipped out today and I saw them leave. The band was there playing and I wish I was going with them. They had Pullman and traveling a long way.