Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Mother and Dad

Dear Mother and Dad

Sorry I haven’t written you every day but the army life is getting pretty rugged for me now.

Mom, I went on a convoy to Oakland California and came back Wednesday and Thursday I went on a forty mile hike and bivouac (*1) and got back Friday morning and when I got to the CO they called me to the motor pool and I spent the rest of the day there.

It is really hot here and I nearly die in the sun and every afternoon it gets hotter.

Today I drove a bunch of Captains and Sergeant Majors (*2) so I was a big shot. HA what do you think. I am driving a car next to a jeep and I really like my job.

Tell everyone hello for me.



*1: Bivouac- A temporary shelter, usually only used overnight.


Sun - 30 - 1944

Sun – 30- 1944

Dear Mother,

Another day has nearly gone and very little news. The war news sounds pretty good(*1) and I hope it keeps up.

I am feeling fine and not working too hard. I have a regular job now while I am here driving at the motor pool. Saturday I drove a “????” car for the 5th Brn. H.Q. and drove a bunch of Captains around. I really enjoyed it. I drove 77 miles around in camp and learned around camp pretty good and know more about the camp now.

How is everything around home fine I hope and is Rip (*2) OK.

I am getting plenty of good food and lots of sleep now.

I have the slightest idea when I will ship.



*1: Around the time this letter was written (7/20/44), Hitler's own people had tried to kill him in the Rastenburg Assassination Plot. Also, in Operation Cobra, allied bombers have managed to bust a wide berth in Hitler's lines while Patton's 3rd Army desimate fleeing German troops. I would have to agree with my dad. The war news is good.

*2: Rip is either a Collie or a Shelty, and was my father's dog.