Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two O'Clock Thursday Sept. 7, 1944

My dear Sambo,

We are not closing on Thursday afternoon any more this year(*1) so I really will miss my wash day.

The weather has turned real cool and the wind is coming from the north.

I went to church last night. The visiting preacher is Rev. Pierce from New Albany and he really is a good preacher. He preached on the “Wages of Sin.” last night. The auditorium was full. Sonny Lyles is here and he was there with Frances McDonnell. Bonny Sue and Jean Taylor come in later and sat with them. Pretty soon Winifred and some more girls come in. None of them had dates though. I didn’t see Red and his rough neck Gang. Maybe they will be there tonight with their dates. There is nobody here to date. You know the school is really going to be off this year. I notice in the paper that Mrs. C.A. Lyles is going to teach the fourth grade.

I did not hear any news of any importance up town (*2) this morning and I’m mailing you the messenger (*3) so you can read all about what is going on around here.

My dog and cat are very devoted to me- Rip is lying here at my feet right now. I had to let him in so the laundry man could get in with the laundry. He wants to stay in when he gets in lately.

I hope you see all the show places of Illinois while you are up there and go to Chicago on the special train if you can get you a nice Buddy to go with you you can really enjoy it. Write often
Lots love

*1: Earnest Graham and Lonie Graham owned the town's grocery store, Graham's Grocery. Apparently as of 9/7/1944 the store was open 6 days a week.

*2: "Down-town" to my grandmother was known as "Up-Town." Any time her name was brought up in our home, my mom would always poke fun at that.

*3: "The Messenger" is "The Okolona Messenger." It is Okolona's weekly newspaper, still in circulation to some 1,058 readers. My dad was a subscriber, and read this paper religiously until his death.

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  1. dates at church! love it. sam, thanks so much for sharing this, i'm enjoying it a ton