Tuesday, January 19, 2010

John Day, March 19, 1944

This letter is from John Day. While I remember my dad mentioning his name several times, I can't remember if he is a relative, or just a family friend.

*Please note the awesome Navy stationery.

Dear Lonie,

I got your letter the other day but this is the first chance I’ve had to answer it. We are really working hard to get out of here. We get our boat leave some time next week, they are giving us eleven days.

I really like the Navy and I wouldn’t swap places with anyone. This boot camp is awful rough, but that’s almost over now. I’m in the Hospital Corps as you can tell by my address. I work in Sick Bay part of the time now. When I return from boat Leave I’ll get about four weeks training here at Great Lakes. I’ll be sent to San Diego then for a little more, then I’ll be transferred to the Marines. I’ll be a “Sea Going Marine.” (*1) I get a complete Marine uniform in addition to my Navy tags. I’ll see plenty of fun.

I’ve already written Sam and I’ll write Pete just as soon as I can. I would really like to look up those boys from Okolona, but they’re not in my Regiment and we’re not allowed outside our Regiment.

I’ve got to close and go to work. I joined the Navy because it was so clean, but I never stopped to think who kept it that way. ‘Til next time, I remain

As always,

John Day

*1: A Sea Going Marine differs from other Marines in that Sea Going Marines are assigned to specific ships, and are not typically ground pounders. The program was disbanded in 1998.


  1. the stationary is beautiful! i love it.

  2. I love this letter - it's seeped with pride over the Navy uniform & tags. And the stationary is so pretty, agreed.