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7:30 Sunday Night Sept. 10, 1944

My dear Sambo,

I did not get a letter from you today but I got two from Pete and he said he got one from you and that he had written to you. He said your letter was very interesting and well written. I guess you have heard from him by now – hope you have anyway.

Your dad and I went down to State (*1) this afternoon to see Buster and Bobbye. I wrote him yesterday that we were coming so they were sitting on the porch at the Y looking for us. They came out and sat in the car with us and we had a very nice visit with them. I took a box of fruit and a little of just everything to them. It rained on us all the way down and most of the time we were there. Most of the students were in their rooms on account of the weather but the place really looked deserted and the grounds are unkept so it did not look like it did when Pete was there. I told Buster that he and all the boys ought to cut all the grass and weeds before they leave next week.

Bobbye is going home Tuesday night and coming back to MSCW (*2) Thursday night. She will finish there in January. Buster didn’t seem to know what he is going to do – wasn’t sure that he is going home Tuesday. Says he has several offers of jobs but he didn’t volunteer to tell where or what and I didn’t press for the information before Bobbye.

It has been raining here all day and is very cool- just the kind of weather to sit a round and do nothing.

We really had a day at the store yesterday – lots of people came to town – some sold cotton and everybody sold seed and I tried to cash all the checks so we really had some fun – too much for one day according to my way of thinking. It was twelve thirty when your dad and I got home. We got up around eight and he went to church and Sunday school and I churned and cooked dinner.

Pete wrote me the other day to send him some things and since I can’t get some of them here I want you to mail him 2 overseas caps (*3) – size 7. He said didn’t matter about the color of the braid. Please get them and mail to him just soon as you get this and I’ll send you the money for them. You know all about everything at the PX and what overseas is and everything so please do this just for me; please right now. And here is the last address he gave – Cpl. Pete E. Graham – 14154708
Education Section, S.P.B.C.
A.P.O. 502, % postmaster
San Francisco, California.
Mr. Blaylock told me yesterday that Pete is now in the same office that Arthur is in. Says Arthur told him to tell us that they are in the same office now.

Mr. Romie Hayes came in last night and asked about you and Pete and talked about the trip to Jackson to the Band Concert. Said you all really did have a good time.

School opens here tomorrow and I really dread the noon hour at the store. I wish the kids were forced to eat at the lunch room so they won’t worry us to death.

This is all for now so write often and be a good soldier – don’t gripe and fuss and complain about everything and nothing. Hold a good pleasant expression on your face all the time.

Lots of love, mother

*1: I'm assuming this is Mississippi State. Starkville is about an hour and 20 minute drive from Okolona.
*2: MSCW is the Mississippi (State) College for Women, or the "W." My mom graduated from this university. Although I dont' think I would select the W as my college of choice, it has been open to male students since 1982. Actually they may be on to something...

*3 see this guy. Also known as the Garrison Cap, or Campaign Cap, this hat was introduced in WWI, and was created as an easily stored head cover for US troops.

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