Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear Mother and Dad 8/4/1944

Dear Mother and Dad,

Another day has gone and I did the same old thing sat around and drove 30 miles. It is really hot here and I am really getting brown as a Mexican.

There is no news here and they are really shipping the men out by the thousand. They would ship more but can’t get enough trains for the shipments and the bunch left today went to Tex and Louisana, and Miss. I really hope they send me in the States I have already seen enough water to last me all my life.

Today I drove for the 3rd Battalion and hauled Captains around. Went to the ??? That is where the men ship from and the band was there playing and the men marched to the train. Wore steel helmets, full field pack and gas mask. The men left this week went to the states and next week the men ship will go across.

How is business at the store? Have they finished the front of the store and how does it look?

I went to a UAO show and saw some movie stars and it really made me feel better forgot all my troubles and I enjoyed it a hole lots.


Tell dad to stay off his leg as much as possible.

-This day in WWII History-

*after years of hiding, diarist Anne Frank and her family are betrayed to the German Police.

Dear Mother and Dad 8.4.1944

Dear Mother and Dad,

I am sorry I can’t keep writing you every day but when I get off from work I am so tired I hardly feel like writing. It is really hot here and the dust is really awful here and is about to get the best of me. The last few days I have felt the worst in my life. Every time I get excite my self I get so dizzy I nearly fall and can hardly breathe. But don’t worry I will be OK. I am trying to get a rating (*1) and if so I will get more money.

I had the same job ?hauling? a major around camp and drove thirty miles. I drove for the 2nd Battalion HQ and I like my job swell. Sat around most all the morning and read a few magazines and listen to a radio. The war news sounds good and I hope it won’t be long before the war is over.



July 31-1944

July 31 -1944

Dear Mother and Dad,

I got your letters today I got two long letters from you and read them over and over many times. I had it pretty easy today drove a Capt. around and he had a 45 (*1) attached to his belt and drove all over camp. In fact I drove 30.2 miles and
Sat(urday) 11 miles. I am enjoying my job while I am here and I wish I would get stationed here. I stayed most all morning at the generals house took a sergeant out there and he really has a beautiful home. It is kinda like John Stones home and has lots of trees around the house.

The past few days it has been pretty windy here and plenty of dust.

How is the business at the store fine I hope. I got another pay day and will send more money. I made up my mind I wanted to go to Columbia Military Academy (*2) (what about it?). I will send money home every month to go on my schooling. You will get 10:00 from war dept for my over sea money and they said it would be sent this month.

I will call you as soon as I get my shipping orders. I will send an emergency call so don’t get excited. HA HA.

Tell everyone hello.



*1: drool

*2: "Vincit Que Se Vincit".."He Conquers Who Conquers Himself." This was the motto of the school which opened its doors in 1904, and was retired in 1979. To my knowledge, Dad never attended.