Friday, January 22, 2010

May 6th or May 13th 1944


Dear Mom,

I just got back from the show and went to the U.S.O. (*1) and I am feeling fine. I had a good job today driving a dump truck and I really had fun.

The light had to turn out so I am finishing the letter on the stairs really crowded (*2).

When Buster visit you don’t let him use too much gass because I want to drive some while I am home on a furlough (*3). If Buster spends the week end at home and if his girls come too, don’t let him start asking questions about writing Charlene, Bobbies’ sister. I just write her because I don’t get letters from any of the girls at home they can go to hell as far as I am concern or how you spell it (*4). I tried to get you something for mothers day but couldn’t get a thing at camp so I will send you a telegram if I can get off Sat night.



*1: I'm not sure he wrote USO, but I can't read his writing and can't imagine what else he cold have meant.

*2: To me this single sentence paints such a clear picture of dozens of young men in their Army issued PJs huddled together shoulder to shoulder in a stairwell, the air thick with Army issued cigarette smoke trying to pencil out the last few lines of correspondence to mothers, wives, and girlfriends back home. I can imagine how each man feels connected to his loved ones, and that miles of separation are miraculously bridged through the contact of his pencil to a single leaf of paper, if for only just a few minutes.

*3: Funny how a true soldier is able to correctly spell "furlough" but mis-spell the three letter word gas. Priorities I suppose.

*4: Dad. Even though this letter was written when he was 18, I can hear the ornery old man that I remember as my father say the same thing about political parties, news anchors, and those kids with the boom boxes in their cars. It's funny how such annoyances have become some of the fondest memories I have.

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