Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pete Graham, March 29, 1944

March 29, 1944

Somewhere in New Caledonia (*1).

Dear Sam,

Well, Sambo, how in the world are you getting along nowdays? I hope you are doing fine.

I’ve been trying to sit down long enough to write you for over a week, but every time I get started, I jump up and go somewhere.

Sam, I’m getting along just fine and I like it here ok. It’s really not too bad. I’m getting plenty of food every day and it is usually good. In case I do get hungry, I just run to the PX (*2) like you are probably doing. I’ll bet you really enjoy your PX.

Did mother write you and tell you about Shorty Blaylock and I meeting each other? I ran right into him in the Post Office one day. Boy, I was really glad to see someone from home. Charlie McGhee is not here now, but he wrote me and said he might see me soon. I would really like to see him.

I’ve met several boys who took training at your camp and they all said it is a swell place. Have you met any good looking babes? We have plenty of babes here! Ha! Mostly natives. But they are right friendly, and it’s lots of fun to watch them. They are much like the Negroes back home. Of course, they are superstitious and have many peculiar ways.

I bought a new bathing suit when I first got here and we go swimming nearly every day. We really have a beautiful place for swimming. If we don’t go swimming, we usually play volley ball or baseball. We have a big game every evening.

I’ve visited Noumea (*3) several times and it is a very beautiful place. It’s quite different from any place I ever visited.

Are you going to get a furlough after you finish basic training?

Blaylock and I went to the show last night and saw “Old Oklahoma.” We have a movie nearly every night so I don’t miss so very many things.

Well, Sam, I don’t know of anything else to write so I guess I’ll have to close. Be good and write soon.



*1: New Caledonia is here.

*2: PX- "Post Exchange" This is a program run by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service which sells just about anything you could need while on base.

*3: Noumea is the capital city of New Caledonia.

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