Monday, August 23, 2010


Dear Mother and Dad,

I am still here and have the slightest idea when I will ship. They have all ready started on some of the men that came in with me so I won’t be long now so pray for me because I am living in hell until I get out of the Army. If nothing happens I will call before I ship. Will call emergency and don’t get excited when I call and be ready to talk a long time. I won’t be able to send any money this month. I will ship before the month and so will send money next month.

I had a hard day today and long hours. I drove all day and I am really tired and my feet are not much better.

We really had a dust storm today and the dust is really bad on the eyes. Dust was so bad wouldn’t see hand in front of face and really hard driving in it.

They was really a big bunch shipped out today and I saw them leave. The band was there playing and I wish I was going with them. They had Pullman and traveling a long way.

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