Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Dear Mother and Dad,

I am sorry I can’t keep writing you every day but when I get off from work I am so tired I hardly feel like writing. It is really hot here and the dust is really awful here and is about to get the best of me. The last few days I have felt the worst in my life. Every time I get excite my self I get so dizzy I nearly fall and can hardly breathe. But don’t worry I will be OK. I am trying to get a rating (promotion to Private First Class) and I so I will get more money.

I had the same job drove a major around camp and drove thirty miles. I drove for the 2nd Battalion HQ and I like my job swell. Sat around most all the morning and read a few magazines and listen to a radio. The war news sounds good and I hope it won’t be long before the war is over (*1).



*1: 277 days until VE day, 376 days until VJ day.

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