Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Mother and Dad

Dear Mother and Dad

Sorry I haven’t written you every day but the army life is getting pretty rugged for me now.

Mom, I went on a convoy to Oakland California and came back Wednesday and Thursday I went on a forty mile hike and bivouac (*1) and got back Friday morning and when I got to the CO they called me to the motor pool and I spent the rest of the day there.

It is really hot here and I nearly die in the sun and every afternoon it gets hotter.

Today I drove a bunch of Captains and Sergeant Majors (*2) so I was a big shot. HA what do you think. I am driving a car next to a jeep and I really like my job.

Tell everyone hello for me.



*1: Bivouac- A temporary shelter, usually only used overnight.


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  1. 40 mile hike?! wow. your poor dad, you can just hear how exhausted he is.